Atefeh Mirashidi: Transitioning from Governmental Hijab to a Personal Choice of Freedom


Atefeh Mirashidi, a well-known presenter and medical professional, gained widespread recognition during the COVID-19 pandemic. While her career in health journalism was well-established, it was her battle with the virus that brought her into the limelight. This article explores Mirashidi’s professional journey, her encounter with COVID-19, and the subsequent controversy surrounding her transition from a governmental hijab to a more liberated and personal choice.

Early Career and Governmental Hijab

After completing her medical education, Atefeh Mirashidi entered the Central Khabar unit, where she covered health-related news. During this period, she adhered to the governmental hijab, following the prescribed guidelines of modesty and dress code. Her appearance on screen was in alignment with the expectations set by the authorities.

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July 2, 2023 | 7:07 pm