Asghar Samsarzadeh’s 50-Year Comedy Reign: A Laughter Odyssey of Versatility and Triumph


Asghar Samsarzadeh, born in 1315 in Tehran, boasts a career spanning over 50 years in the entertainment industry. His journey began in 1348 with the film “A Girl Dies Tonight,” marking the commencement of a prolific acting career. However, it was his iconic portrayal of Asghar Targah in the Khane Badosh series that catapulted him to widespread recognition.

Primarily known for his comedic prowess, Samsarzadeh has left an indelible mark on Iranian theater, cinema, and television. Despite facing challenges during the revolution, he persevered, contributing to Lalezar theaters and taking on diverse roles in television and film.

In a recent interview, Samsarzadeh reflected on his accidental entry into the world of comedy, expressing joy at the unexpected turn of events. He returned to television with the Chaharcherkh series, demonstrating his versatility beyond humor.

Samsarzadeh’s impact extended beyond the visual realm as he lent his voice to the Irani Friday radio program, a significant chapter that replaced the iconic “Sobh Juma with you” during Ezzatullah Zarghami’s era. His recollections of those times painted a vivid picture of a bygone era when makeup removal involved oil and the theaters on Naderi Street buzzed with artistic vibrancy.

Recalling his initiation into acting in 1337 with the Oscar Theater Group, Samsarzadeh shared anecdotes of collaboration with luminaries like Reza Beyk Imanordi, Yadullah, Waliullah Shirandami, Syros Ebrahimzadeh, and Abdullah Butimar. The nostalgia of Lalehzar being the Broadway of Iran echoed through his words, lamenting its eventual closure.

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December 14, 2023 | 6:38 pm