Anahita Dargahi and Ashkan Khatibi Divorce: A Fascinating Artistic Journey Unraveled

A few days ago, the news of the start of a new series on the home show network starring Anahita Dargahi was published. A series called “Godmother” directed by Amir Pourkian, who apparently plays the main role of this series. This is despite the fact that Ashkan Khatibi, Dargahi’s wife, left Iran a few months ago, and considering his political activities in cyberspace, it seems unlikely that he will return to Iran.

Therefore, it can be concluded that this couple, who had a romantic marriage, apparently separated. Anahita Dargahi is engaged in her artistic activity in Iran, and Ashkan Khatibi lives in Spain according to the published rumors.

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July 31, 2023 | 8:25 pm