Amir Tataloo unveiled her new fiancé in Antalya

Amir Tataloo, a popular music singer living in Turkey, said that he has prepared a special surprise for his fans in a concert he is holding in a hotel in Antalya today, and that is the unveiling of his new fiancée! Tataloo, who, against his will and only motivated to earn money, accepted the performance of this small concert in a hotel in the coastal city of Antalya, Turkey, and spent ten boring hours with his band in the bus on the way from Istanbul to Antalya to reach the performance venue, said he hates his fans. No one has the right to approach me, especially women. This concert will be completely musical, far from profanity, jokes, hugs, and after-parties, and I have come to perform this concert as a married man. This performance is intended only for families residing in the hotel by its management. Tataloo added about this concert: I am coming to this concert with my love, and I have told the hall guard not to allow anyone to come within one meter of me and my group!

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March 25, 2023 | 7:55 pm