Alidoosti’s Legacy: 5 Inspiring Insights into the Life and Career of Football Icon Hamid Alidoosti

Hamid Alidoosti: An undying football legend

A significant figure in the history of Iranian football, Hamid Alidoosti was born on March 21, 1955, in Tehran, Iran. He is a former professional footballer and coach whose career has had an indelible effect on sports in Iran. Through his life, both on and off the pitch, he demonstrates the growth of football in Iran during its most turbulent periods.Early life and career beginnings

Tehran-born Shahrivar Hamid Alidoosti began playing football at Mahalat before moving to Tehran Youth Club. His professional career commenced with this side in 1975, having played for them in the Iran League. During that period, there was definitely something special about him that made him play better than other players, as he soon started playing competitively for teams like Homa and Keshavarz.

International Careers and Achievements

Club performance was not the only aspect where Alidoosti shone due to his abilities showing up when playing for the national team during Asian Nations Cup competitions held between 1980 and 1884, where he registered three goals. In addition, he participated in two Asian Games, i.e., those of 1982 and 1986, revealing his importance to the team. With fifteen goals overall scored while representing his country, he became jointly ranked seventh alongside Vahid

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April 10, 2022 | 5:51 pm