Ahmadinejad Emerges: First Public Appearance After Meeting Damavand


Today was chosen to commemorate the day we lost our beloved, late Dr. Hamid Behbahani. The funeral service took place near the entrance of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the prestigious Iran University of Science and Technology, and the entourage proceeded towards Avaran Behesht Zahra. Dr. Hamid Behbahani, a well-known figure in the field of urban development and transportation, has a lasting impact on Tehran’s physical environment.

Dr. Behbahani, born in Shiraz in 1319, announced himself as an eminent scholar by earning a Ph.D. specializing in transportation and traffic engineering from Kinsale University of Florida. He became deputy for transport and traffic during Ahmadinejad’s tenure as Mayor of Tehran before rising to become Minister of Roads and Urban Development when Ahmadinejad was President.

Moreover, visionary projects such as the Tehran Roundabout Plan are some examples that show his commitment to the city’s infrastructure development aspirations that he had for Tehran, where he experienced some failed major projects like the monorail project.

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April 7, 2024 | 10:08 pm