Aging and Crushes: Understanding Why We Develop Fewer Romantic Interests as We Age – Insights and Benefits


At our tender age, we view the world as a place full of possibilities for love affairs. Every new contact might lead to a thrilling whirlwind of emotions. Whether it is in school corridors, campus, or first jobs, there are moments when one can meet another individual who could be chased by his or her heart. This part of life is characterized by self-discovery and savoring romantic times.

The Biology Behind Crushes: A Game for Young Hearts

Crushes develop biologically during our formative years. According to neuroscientists, the adolescent and young adult brains continue to grow, especially in areas connected with emotion regulation and decision-making. During these years, the brain’s pleasure center-associated neurochemical dopamine surges. Thus, younger people are more susceptible to various strong emotions on a more regular basis, such as those that come with falling for someone new.

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April 20, 2024 | 8:48 pm