A Guide to Styling Your Favorite Hats by Maryam Kavyani

In recent years Ms Kavyani has been playing major roles in mainly television series, such as The Night Way (Rāh-e Shab), directed by Dāriush Farhang, The Times of Gharib (Ruzgār-e Gharib), directed by Kianoush Ayari, and The Fifth Sun (Panjomin Khorshid), directed by Alireza Afkhami. The latter, in which Ms Kavyani plays the role of Maryam, sister of Mohsen, is at present (August 2009) being broadcast by Channel 3 of IRIB. She married Ramin Mehmanparast in October 2018.

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April 16, 2022 | 6:31 pm