7 Invisible Tricks Job Interviewers Use to Test You and Ace Your Interview

The Pen Drop Test

Another subtle test that employers use to identify responsive and considerate candidates is the “pen drop” test. During the interview, the interviewer intentionally drops their pen on the floor and observes the candidate’s reaction. If the candidate instinctively bends down to pick up the pen, it signals a willingness to help and be of service, qualities highly valued in many workplaces.

On the other hand, if the applicant allows the interviewer to pick up the pen without offering assistance, it may indicate a lack of initiative or a less responsive attitude. Small gestures can speak volumes in an interview setting.


In the ever-evolving world of job interviews, employers are continually searching for innovative ways to assess candidates beyond their qualifications and experiences. These seven invisible tricks used by job interviewers reveal more about a candidate’s character, adaptability, and social skills than meets the eye.

It’s essential for job seekers to be prepared for unexpected scenarios and to approach these tests with a calm and composed demeanor. By understanding and effectively navigating these tricks, candidates can increase their chances of leaving a lasting positive impression and securing their desired position in today’s competitive job market. Remember, a successful interview goes beyond providing the right answers—it’s about demonstrating the right attitude and qualities that align with the company’s culture and expectations.

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October 6, 2023 | 9:44 pm