6 Proven Signs You’re Good at Your Job, According to an Expert

After 36 years in HR, you learn a lot about people. I’ve observed that 50% of the workforce simply wants to do a good job and get a “Thank you” at the end of the day. Acknowledgment, though simple, can significantly boost employee engagement.

Employees often aren’t sure where they stand in terms of performance. Those focused on advancement crave regular recognition. Subtle cues, like a boss spending more time with certain employees, can create feelings of inequality, stress, and insecurity.

Performance management should be more frequent than annual reviews. It should be an ongoing dialogue between you and your boss. A great mantra from a previous boss of mine is: “There should be no surprises.” Regular discussions and reviews throughout the year help ensure this. Being good at your job involves growth, adding value, and receiving recognition. If your boss isn’t vocal about your performance, here are signs you might still be doing well:

1. Working Efficiently

The ease with which you complete your tasks can indicate good performance. If you find your workload manageable and sometimes even have spare time, it suggests you’re overachieving. However, if you constantly have pending tasks, it may signal underperformance. Embracing technology and better practices shows you’re a proactive learner. For instance, setting up email rules to prioritize important messages can enhance efficiency.

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June 14, 2024 | 7:57 pm