1978 Revolution Revisited: Regrets of Former Revolutionaries


Approaching the anniversary of the pivotal year 1978, a time marked by revolutionary fervor and significant political upheaval, we delve into the perspectives of individuals who were once ardent supporters of change but later expressed deep regrets. The events of 1978 set the stage for the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran and continue to shape the nation’s history. This exploration seeks to understand the complexities and nuances surrounding the revolution through the eyes of those who now harbor remorse.

Dariush Shaygan’s Regret: A Look Back at 1978 In the hot months of 1978, revolutionism swept through the streets of Iran. Dariush Shaygan, reflecting on the era, expresses regret over missed opportunities for progress. He acknowledges that the revolutionary fervor of the time failed to usher in positive change, leading to a sense of shame for his generation’s perceived missteps.

Dariush Shaygan’s introspective assessment extends beyond personal remorse, touching upon societal dynamics. “We intellectuals of that period were far away and did not have a correct analysis of our position in society and our society in the world,” he reflects. This admission underscores the need for a comprehensive examination of the intellectual climate that fueled the revolution and the subsequent challenges faced in its aftermath.

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January 28, 2024 | 5:48 pm