13 Celebrities Surprising Lawsuits Of 2021 in homeland

Elham Hamidi ( born November 29, 1977) is an actress. She has appeared in the mini-series Prophet Joseph as Asinaat. She also starred in The Kingdom of Solomon as Mariyam. Elham Hamidi is an accounting graduate student from “Roudehen University”. She has two elder brothers, and she is married. Elham participated in school plays from the age of seven because it was her family occupation. Her father was also an actor and he was much active in theater, this developed an interest in Elham to join this field like her father. Elham is well known for her series “Pervaneh”, “Musafir az Hind” (Passenger from India), Prophet Joseph,[3] and The Kingdom of Solomon. Elham won the best actress award for her performance in “Kheili dour, Kheili Nazdik” ( So close, so far).

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December 24, 2021 | 12:28 am