Who is Sandy’s new wife?

Who is Shabnam Ebrahimi’s new wife, Shahram Azar? Shabnam Ebrahimi was born in 1362 and grew up in Brazil. He, who has an age difference of 26 years with his wife, Shahram Azar, is one of the flight attendants of Emirates Airlines. Shabnam Ebrahimi currently lives in America with her husband, Shahram Azar, but it can be seen from her Instagram pictures that she has traveled many times in the past. Shahram Azar, nicknamed Sandy, a 65-year-old singer and composer from Los Angeles who has not been married for more than a few days, has been accused of infidelity by his ex-wife. Shahram Azar announced his remarriage with 39-year-old Shabnam Ebrahimi on Tuesday, March 9, by publishing pictures on his Instagram. A few days after this incident, Nasrin Kayani, Azar’s ex-wife, published a meaningful tweet with the hashtag treason, which seems to be a reaction to Azar’s remarriage.

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March 5, 2023 | 11:29 am