Unsaid things about the unrequited love of two famous artists, Forough Farrokhzad and Ebrahim Golestan

Puran Farrokhzad stated in another place and in describing his sister’s difficult days at that time: “Forough suffered a lot of bitterness from his love for Golestan; he never wanted to take Mrs. Golestan’s place, so he gave up on the proposal of marriage.” It hit Golestan’s chest. I myself witnessed several times that Golestan asked Forough to marry her, but my sister Forough strongly gave up on this decision at the last moment and deeply hurt Golestan, whom she adored to the point of death. Although Mrs. Golestan was very thoughtful and kind and fully accepted Forough’s presence in her husband’s life, she had hurt Forough many times. And Forough was always disappointed and sorry for his passion and love. In persecuting Forough, the Golestan girl spared no expense. Forough adored the girl and boy of Golestan. One day he told me, “My sister adores them, but this girl hates me very much.” Golestan’s son had a close relationship with Forough; even when Kaveh was in London, he always corresponded with Forough, including Hassan. There was a complete understanding.

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January 23, 2023 | 6:11 pm