The Actor “Alireza Khamseh” celebrating her daughter graduation in the U.S.

Khamsa’s good acting and the visual troques of this film, I love the earth, met with good luck from the audience. In the same year, Hassan Hedayat took the film Eye of the Devil with an incident genre and different from Khamseh’s other works, in front of the camera and gave the lead role to Khamseh. In this film, his tense and active performance made him a candidate for the best male actor in 1372 and the 12th Fajr Film Festival. Cheshm Satan was nominated to receive 5 Simorghs and won 3 Simorghs from this festival. In the same year, Khamse directed the series Beshin, Pashu, Bakhund for the children and teenagers group of Channel 2 and in 1378 he appeared in the TV series “Mei Ge Neh?” look!” Attended.

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August 21, 2022 | 6:41 pm