The Actor “Alireza Khamseh” celebrating her daughter graduation in the U.S.

He returned in 1359 and in 1360 he went in front of the cinema camera for the first time and acted in the movie Death of Yazdgerd. The type of Khamsa’s facial features and his mastery of facial movements (mimicry) and the softness of his body movements and his high ability to create humorous and comic scenes, from the very beginning of his entry into the field of acting, attracted the attention of comedy directors and After the serious film Death of Yazdgerd, the TV producers came to him, and he performed comedy pieces in programs such as “Newspaper”, “Hoshi and Moshi”, “Borzid ve Bekhdid”, “Gasto Vastu” and “Third Look”.

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August 21, 2022 | 6:41 pm