Sky Suite Espinas Palace Hotel in the capital

The hotel is located in Saadat Abad region. All of the attractions located in the north of can be easily reached by car. These places include Saadat Abad Palace Complex, Palace Complex, Darband, Tajrish Bazaar, and Tabi’at Bridge. The other historical attractions of the city are located further away, more to the south and center. Espinas Palace Hotel has been built in 20 floors and includes 400 luxury rooms and suites. The rooms include: standard double, standard twin, royal family, royal family with balcony rooms. The suites include: junior, presidential, royal, presidential palace, and sky suites. The sky suite is located on the highest floor of the hotel, and is considered the highest suite. Also, the hotel includes a business room located on its top floors.

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October 20, 2021 | 9:58 pm