Sadaf Taherian presented her new haircut in Istanbul

Sometimes, honesty in the path to becoming a model means looking in the mirror with a friend or agent and developing an in-depth assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. This should also help you when it comes to building a thick skin against criticisms – something that all models must have. There’s much more to breaking into the modelling agency than snapping a few photographs and placing them in front of the right agency. Examining your strengths and weaknesses, and coming to a decision about the kind of model you might want to be might also mean considering the different types of modelling careers that are available for you. After all, there are models across the world that never set foot on a catwalk, or appear in a glossy magazine. If you don’t think that those mediums are right for your particular skillset or look, then you can examine other types of modelling.

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January 4, 2022 | 7:36 pm