Rarely seen photos of “Ali Trameshlo,” known as Shreek, and “Gholak Gholamhossein Mohseni Ajeei,” who is said to be

When he learns of Tramshlow’s investment, he puts the work on hold in order to protect the heritage and grabs Tramshlow in his fist.With the support of Mr. Mohseni, Trameshlo is connected to Qalibaf and starts the projects of Shush Square and Fedaiyan Street.Reza Mohseni, the son of Mr. Mohseni Ajei, is also their contact. In just one section of the City Center complex on Sahib Jam Street, Shush Square, where Tramshlo built 50,000 commercial and office spaces, they paid Reza Mohseni 500,000 tomans per meter.When Mohseni came to power, Ali Tramashlo gave Reza Mohseni an office in Jordan, above Jahan Bazad in Kuche Pedehar. This building was owned by Mohammad Hossein Bohrad, a representative of Samsung in Iran. The wealthy family, whose property was confiscated at the beginning of the revolution, got out of Article 49 with the help of Mr. Mohseni.

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January 1, 2023 | 10:58 am