Photos of The California Based Singer “Mahroo” and artists in the U.S.

If a singer wants to improve his vocal range, he should sing lightly, in an easy sound, allowing his throat to relax on the way up, gently putting more pressure on the muscles of the abdomen at the same time. If this is done carefully, it can help raise the vocal range. If he wants to develop the lower range, he should relax his throat as much as possible, allow the jaw to fall down and sing sustained sounds like AH or OH at the lowest pitches he can sustain, taking care not to strain, until he can make them louder by pressing harder on the belly muscles. Long slides on lip trills or tongue trills are helpful both going up and down. Since it is possible to squeeze high notes, just singing them without some care and attention to comfort would be a bad idea. Low notes can be swallowed or pushed, if done incorrectly, and that can cause other problems. It’s best to do development of range slowly, a little at a time.

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December 30, 2021 | 6:35 pm