Nour and Yasmin Pahlavi in the demonstration against violence against women and supporting Mehsa Amini and the right to choose a veil

‘Women, Life, Freedom’ has become a rallying cry for protests sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini, a Kurdish woman allegedly fatally beaten after she was arrested for wearing her headscarf ‘improperly’. “As a global community committed to gender equality, peace, prosperity and stability, we condemn the policies and events that led to the death of Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old woman who died whilst in the custody of Iran’s morality police,” read the statement. “However, more than just investigating the death of Mahsa, the government must act urgently to reform its laws, policies and practices that put Mahsa in harm’s way in the first place and continue to foster insecurity and inequality in the country.”

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October 2, 2022 | 11:03 pm