New pictures show the appearance changes of the 65-year-old actress Zohreh Hamidi

Young people only think about marriage at this age, but at this age, my first grandchild was born, and it made my life sweeter. After her first acting experience in 1371, Mrs. Hamidi acted in the movie “Khosh Khayal” until she entered the television frame with the series “Detective” in 1374. Acting in the series “Paradise Lost” in 1375 and especially in the series “Toledi Diger” in 1377 was one of the works that made him famous. I’m good at cooking, of course, and if I really decide, the dishes I cook turn out to be super good, unless I’m not in the mood, so you know what happens. I myself really like “Bagala Plou Ba Gosh” and “Koormeh Sabzi”.

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March 17, 2023 | 10:20 pm