Meet the “Ghermezian Family” one of the richest Family in the world

They mainly develop shopping malls and take a very unique approach when doing so. Their malls are known for being a part shopping mall part amusement part. In this way, their malls remain popular with a younger crowd and turn into tourist attractions in the area. So far, their malls have largely stayed safe from the fall of the retail industry. Their biggest projects to date have been the Edmonton Mall and the Mall of America in Minnesota. They are currently the main developer for the American Dream Mall in New Jersey. This mall is being built with an indoor water park and ski slope, which makes it one of the biggest construction projects in the U.S. However, this project got interrupted by COVID-19 just weeks before it was set to open. They are still struggling to get this project open despite being in hot water financially.


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September 21, 2021 | 6:44 pm