Unexpected Things That Harm Your Brain

According to research, a large amount of sugar adversely affects the neurotrophic factor of the brain, or BDNF, which is … Continue reading ➝

Birthday of The rapper in homeland

So you want to learn how to start a rap career with no money? Without money, it can be difficult … Continue reading ➝

Modelling Tips by Ramina Torabi in Istanbul

Study and understand posing. Practice runway walking. What separates a pretty model from another model is going to be their … Continue reading ➝

Wedding Aniiversary of former actress ” Leila Irani” after moving abroad

Anniversaries are all about connecting with each other but also about connecting with the things that matter to you both. … Continue reading ➝

Funeral of the Actor “Ezzatollah Mehravaran” in hometown

Ezzatollah Mehravaran is an actor and director of television and cinema and he was born in 1949 in Masjed Soleiman. … Continue reading ➝

The Actress “Parastoo Salehi” Moved Abroad, she is missing her homeland

Actor Parasto Salehi, in a video referring to his emigration from Iran, said that the interrogator treated him like a … Continue reading ➝

Amanda Staveley’s husband Mehrdad Ghodoussi insists he isn’t trying to string Newcastle fans along

Amanda Staveley’s husband Mehrdad Ghodoussi has congratulated Saudi Arabia and Qatar for the easing of a feud which could have … Continue reading ➝

Getting through the first anniversary of the music legend Mohammad-Reza Shajarian in Mashhad

Shajarian was born in Tehran and is the son of Mohammad-Reza Shajarian, a grand master vocalist of Persian traditional music. … Continue reading ➝

Alexander Fürst zu Schaumburg-Lippe (62) and Mahkameh Navabi (40) wedding at Bückeburg Castle in Germany

The relief, the joy and the great happiness – all that could be seen in the bride and groom: At … Continue reading ➝

The Former TV Presenter “Mahnaz pakravan” in homaleand

This is the key difference between presenting to a camera and presenting to a live audience. When presenting to a … Continue reading ➝

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