Artists and athletes celebrated Nowruz with their families

Mohammad Reza Golzar (born March 21, 1977) is an actor. Before starting his acting career with Sam and Narges, he gained fame as the guitarist of the music band Arian Band. He is now a singer for the Rezzar Band, led by Hamed Baradaran. In 2000, he was invited to act in Sam and Narges by director Iraj Ghaderi. He started to gain popularity after appearing in more films such as Shaam-e Akhar, Zahr-e Asal, and Boutique. Golzar gained media attention when it was revealed that he was paid £55,000 for 3 days of work while shooting Democracy in Bright Daylight in 2009, a relatively high fee for the country. He is a graduate of mechanical engineering from Azad University. Golzar started his music career in 1998 as a guitarist with one of his close friends, Arian Sajadi. He has played guitar, organ, and percussion with Arian Sajadi.

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March 21, 2023 | 8:42 pm