Amir Tataloo: “I have a mental problem, and I will hand myself over to the police.”

In 2021, Amir Tataloo released the album Fereshteh by Universal Music Group. He is the first to collaborate with Universal Music Group. He wrote about this: “If Rotun doesn’t work, come forward to kill Amir Tetlo. Tell the organizers of the concert that I want to participate in the Golden Gun project!” Friday work! If you don’t want your face to be seen, you can cover your face completely and come on stage. Let’s see if a killer like us can be found. I will write, sign, take a video, and give it to him and his family as proof that this was done with my consent so that no problem will arise for him after our deaths. The Golden Gun project is not a joke or child’s play! Decide carefully! I am not a mouthy person! Your decision will be implemented! Decide carefully! You only have time today and tomorrow. This time, when you vote, you should also buy a ticket, then don’t say you didn’t kill! This time, history is a witness! All your comments, votes, and post-screen records are available. Once and for all, history should understand what it means to take everything as a joke! He should understand that the things that are easy to get can be lost very easily and with one shot with a golden gun! Then, in another video that he shared on his YouTube channel, he was seen gilding the image of a gun tattooed on his head and saying that it seems like this is going to happen on September 30 because, apart from the YouTube survey, many people are buying tickets for this day, and by doing so, they are signing the Golden Gun project.

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January 15, 2023 | 10:49 pm