55th Birthday of screenwriter “Peyman Ghasemkhani” in the capital

Is your birthday star big on wine? Arrange a private wine tasting for them and their closest friends. This would be extra special at a Peerspace bar or brewery. For added fun, see if you can find a wine with their birth year for a thoughtful 55th birthday present. Don’t forget plenty of cheese either! Between Beatle-mania, gogo boots, the debut of Etch-a-sketches, and other iconic moments, The 60s had some awesome pop culture. People born in 1966 turn 55 in 2021, so why not celebrate the 60’s at a birthday party? Host a retro party highlighting all the best aspects of the year your birthday star made their big debut. Maybe skip the Jell-o salad, though. Some things are best left in the past.

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January 20, 2022 | 10:20 pm